Our Charters:

Our charters are based on the private use of our boat, with Captain Q at the helm, for up to six people. We can customize your experience with the time windows and base rates below for operating in our local area.


It is customary to tip 15% – 20% if the Charter service has been good and your trip was enjoyable.

Hours of hard work are put in before, during, and after your trip by your Captain. However, gratuity is truly appreciated but not expected.


By submitting payment of any amount, I agree that:

  1. There will be no underage consumption of alcohol by anyone in my party during the excursion (SC drinking age is 21), and that there will be no possession of or use of illegal drugs, firearms, or fireworks while on the excursion.
  2. Proof of age may be required by the operator of the boat.
  3. I further acknowledge that the Captain may terminate the tour at any time for actions that he considers dangerous or unlawful.

Assumption of Risk and Complete Release of Liability Boat Passenger Waiver:

When booking a charter with Pirates of Port Royal, a liability boat passenger waiver is required to be read, understood, and provided to the Captain.

All chartered guests above 18 years of age or parents/guardians of those under 18 years of age must provide a signed liability boat passenger waiver (see attached below for the form).

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